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The Southern Cross Pipe Band

The Southern Cross Plaid Band!!!

Playing "Trinques l"Amourettes" for Eduardo

Bob sitting in with the S.C.P.B.

the beautiful dancers

Edward and Andrew, M.C.s

Everybody say "STUUUUU..."

the gang

Ruth with Fabian

Doug and Luciana "Luli" Bassano

Doug and Pachu Ferriolo

Doug and Noelia Vignolis

setting up in the wine cellar

Stuuuu with a Brewwww


Pipe Major Eduardo Silvera

Richard Davies,  Uruguayan Welshman!!

Bob and Ruth in the Airport Lounge

Tyler getting ready to SLEEP

The Crocodile Hunter en Espanol

...and the winner is...

Jamming with Los Rojos

working out at Toronto airport

Tyler and Bob asleep BEFORE take-off!!!

Valentina Scarzolo and Danny Pereira

Eduardo, Andrew, the SCPB, and Tommy's baby meet us at the airport

the first thing I saw in Montevideo!!!

Ruth and Doug on T.V.

Hola Gente en Vivo, Montevideo

Pachu and the girls

Rafael "Jimmy" Ravera in infra-red night shot

Tyler and the drummers Rockin'!

Tyler Fry in motion

Doug in action

Clapping at the big finale!

Reflecting on hats

Senor Edward McCubbin, esq.

Ruth at "La Gayola" in the Punta Carretas Mall

Graciela with her new CD

Beautiful old cars and trucks EVERYWHERE!

The SCPB Folk Group

Nearly EVERYONE involved !!

Ruth in the theatre lobby

Cool !!!

Punta Carretas Prison - now a Shopping Mall!!!

a Montevideo back street